Craftsmanship that matches the times using traditional techniques

Since our founding in 1877(Meiji 10), we think that tableware plays a vital role in enriching our eating habits. So, we have always made new proposals in a wide range of fields, from home use to business use, including the development of original products through tie-ups with potteries.

We have been trying to convey and spread charms of Hizen ceramics (Imari-yaki, Karatsu-yaki, Hizen-Yoshida-yaki, Hasami-yaki, Mikawachi-yaki, etc.) to the world, using traditional techniques that match the times. We believe that these activities will be lead to be a source of a beautiful and rich diet.

Aiming to be a company that is loved by the local community and useful to society, we will continue to deliver tableware that is even more appreciated and loved by our customers.

President Eiko Ozaki


OZAKITOUKI = Kanei? Why?
*(OZAKITOUKI’s trade mark: “┐” is pronounced “kane” and “イ”is pronounced “i” in Japanese)

I am often asked...

"I" is derived from the "I" of Inokichi Ozaki, the first head of the family when the company was founded in 1878.
(┐) mark, which was often used to as a trade name, expresses “Be straight like a carpenter's square.”

Therefore, our business trademark’s intention is to challenge everything straight and honestly. We would like to continue the will of my predecessor and work on everything with "honesty".


Company Name
Headquarters | Post Code 859-3166 1840 Kiharacho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture 859-3166
Telephone number
10 million yen
Eiko Ozaki
Number of employees
11 people
Business content
Wholesale of high-grade ceramics, tableware for business and home use | Wholesale of high-grade ceramics and gifts (original products) Wholesale of lacquerware, glass, wood products, and bamboo products for business use | Real estate rental service
About 600 wholesale trading companies and specialty stores nationwide, mainly in the Kanto and Kansai regions
About 300 major ceramic makers in the Arita, Imari, Mikawachi, and Hasami districts, as well as manufacturers of lacquerware (Echizen), glass (Tokyo), bamboo products (Oita), and wood products (Shiga).
The Juhachi-Shinwa Bank, Ltd., Shoko Chukin Bank, Saga Bank


1877-Meiji 10
The first generation, Inokichi Ozaki, started the ceramics wholesale business in Kiharacho, Sasebo City (current address).
1929-Showa 04
Inokichi Ozaki's second son, Toraichi Ozaki, succeeded the second generation and expanded the business.
1959-Showa 34
Yoshihiro Ozaki, the eldest son of Toraichi Ozaki, took over the business as the third generation.
1968-Showa 43
Opened a showroom
1971-Showa 46
Established "OZAKITOUKI Co., Ltd." (capital: 6 million yen) as a corporate organization for business expansion. Yoshihiro Ozaki took the office as the president.
1973-Showa 48
Created and announced the industry's first commercial tableware catalog and attracted attention
1979-Showa 54
Constructed the head office building and renovated the showroom. As a commemorative project, we held a 100th anniversary celebration, inviting about 100 customers from all over the country and holding a trade fair and commemorative projects.
1992-Heisei 04
Opened the second sales office in Yoshifukucho, Sasebo City
1994-Heisei 06-
Created and announced the original gift tableware “Kikou” (now Kikoujin)
1994-Heisei 06
Increased capital to 10 million yen
2003-Heisei 15
Yoshihiro Ozaki became the chairman and Yoshihiro Ozaki's eldest son, Akinobu Ozaki, became the president.
2011-Heisei 23
Opened "Select Shop Kikoujin" in Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture
2017-Heisei 29
Participated in the Arita ware 400th anniversary business project
2018-Heisei 30
Established Ozaki Tableware B.V. in the Netherlands (Currently closed)
2018-Heisei 30
Opened Arita porcelain showroom in the Netherlands (Currently closed)
2018-Heisei 30
Eiko Ozaki succeeds the business as the fifth generation president