A part of the 100-year-old warehouse is open to the public

“Partial opening of 100-year-old warehouse of Kihara Sarayama-Opening of retail and wholesale space” This time, at a part of the warehouse of OZAKITOUKI Co., Ltd. head office, HIZEN SHOP opened for targeting “general people and restaurants / tableware specialty stores”. Items in the warehouse can be purchased at discounted prices. Enjoy a little adult-like exploration of ceramics collected from the Hizen area in a nostalgic and photogenic space.

Business hours and parking information

Opening hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Please enter by 4:00 PM) Holidays: Holidays (Except for events. Will be announced separately on SNS, etc.) Parking space- 5 cars – the square on the opposite of the head office building