[Mikawachi Curry Dish Lazuli] Received the Excellence Award at the Nagasaki Prefectural Specialty Products Exhibition

This time, we received an award for excellence in the crafts, daily necessities and other categories at the 2021 Nagasaki Prefecture Specialty New Works Exhibition.


That summer of 2020, when life changed drastically due to the spread of corona virus. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics was totally unexpected…
This product was developed in such situation. With support from Nagasaki Prefectural office, we tried to create a curry dish, a shape that is rarely seen in Mikawachi ware.



Like an elegant ship floating in the sea of Sasebo, the unique asymmetrical shape is a universal design that is easy to grip and scoop. The sparkling blue of lapis lazuli is an image of the calm and rich sea. This Lazuli is a work by “Hirado Kasho Gama.” which continues to produce dignified ceramics with various techniques among Mikawachi ware.



The wide border rim makes it easy to hold and support even when heated in the microwave. We also tried various tasks, such as using gold color on the rim that wouldn’t easily fade even use of a microwave oven.
For half a year, amid the corona crisis, we worked one by one on the process up to prototype, paint, selection of the decorative design with making adjustments like filling up the dreams of Mikawachi ware.



Steady branding up to sales has finally paid off, and we are getting a lot of praise from our customers every day. In the meantime, we would like to express my gratitude to all of you who have helped us to receive such a splendid award.

What we wanted to tell you is that Mikawachi ware can help to enhance your curry at home more attractive.

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A beautiful and practical curry dish can be the best partner to easily brighten up your home meal.

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