Original Series Kan kou ran shi

Kan kou ran shi

Utsuwa (tableware) is a kind of kimono (cloth) for cooking.

There is no change in this itself, but the environment surrounding “food” and “tableware” has changed dramatically.
Just like clothing has changed from Japanese clothes to Western clothes with the times, the Japanese and Western food cultures have become interacted complicatedly. So it is necessary to propose tableware that corresponds to the mixed new Japanese cuisine (including Western cuisine).

If it is the ‘tableware’ that can complete beautiful and delicious cuisine as the final stage of serving, “Kan kou ran shi” is exactly what it is.

酣(kan) means “high”, “full thing”, “high time”
紅(kou)・紫(shi) means the situation that red and purple colors that are beautifully dyed. Description of colorful autumn leaves.
爛(ran) means fully ripe, full bloom

Designer:Shigeki Okaniwa